Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056)

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Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056)
Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056)
Item# 12056-M
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Product Description

Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056)
Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056)

Scale: 1/64
Release: June 1999
Edition Quantity: 5,000

All 59 'Mobile Intensive Care Units' are equipped with emergency medications, intravenous fluids and other primary emergency supplies and equipment. A portable electro-cardiac monitor/defibrillator is part of each ambulance company's standard inventory and can be taken to the side of the patient for immediate use. All ambulances are equipped with state of the art telemetry radio equipment, which enable the paramedics to radio important information from the scene of the emergency directly to a resource hospital where a physician can review the paramedic's assessment of the patient and give further orders or directions. After all telemetry communications are completed, the Ambulance Officer and the telemetry physician will confer on the appropriate facility to which the patient should be transported.
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Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056) Code 3 Chicago E-350 (12056)


All Code 3 Fire Trucks & Emergency Vehicles are:
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