Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 5 (12702)

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Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 5 (12702)
Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 5 (12702)
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Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 5 (12702)
Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 5 (12702)

This is Item # 12702.

Scale: 1/64
Release: November 1998
Edition Quantity: 25,000

Rescue 5 was originally organized on May 16th, 1948. They were disbanded on June 1st, 1962 and reorganized on August 20th, 1984. They are located in the Concord section of Staten Island. Their firehouse is located 1850 Clove Road and they share these quarters with Engine 160 and Tactical Support Unit #2. Rescue 5 is known as 'Blue Thunder', operates a 1996 HME/Saulsbury and responds on all 10-75's (working fires) in Staten Island and certain parts of Brooklyn. They are a Scuba trained unit and a backup Hazmat Support Unit. Rescue 5 is equipped with a mounted 32ft telescoping light tower, a 15 KW Electrical generator and a ten ton winch and an A frame hoist. They also carry other specialized Scuba and Hazmat equipment. There is also an inflatable boat stored in quarters. Each member of Rescue 5 have spent hours of specialized training in Rescue Operations. There are five rescue companies located one in each borough of New York City and these elite units are trained and professional members of F.D.N.Y.

There is one Captain and three Lieutenants who supervise thirty firefighters that are assigned to Rescue 5.


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