Code 3 FDNY Mack C Engine 305 - Then (12503)

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Code 3 FDNY Mack C Engine 305 - Then (12503)
Code 3 FDNY Mack C Engine 305 - Then (12503)
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Code 3 FDNY Mack C Engine 305 - Then (12503)
Code 3 FDNY Mack C Engine 305 - Then (12503)

This is Item #12503

Scale: 1/64
Release: January 2007
Edition Quantity: 1,500
Markings: 305

ENGINE CO.305, FDNY 1958 MACK 750 gpm PUMPER

Engine 305, together with Ladder 151, were both organized on November 15, 1924 in a fire station at 111-02 Queens Boulevard, in the Forest Hills section of the Borough of Queens, where they are still located. Their first alarm area consists mainly of high-rise apartment houses, large private homes and many retail stores. In 2005, Engine 305 responded to 3,311 alarms, of which 2,750 were workers. 1,373 of those were medical emergencies.

In 1958, FDNY received 64 new Mack pumpers. Fifty-two of these were model C85F 750 gpm pumpers, with the other twelve being the model C95F, with 1000 gpm pumps. Engine 305 received their C85F, equipped with a Hale 750 gpm pump and 375 gallon booster tank, on April 25, 1958. The booster reel, with 300 feet of one inch booster hose, was mounted above the hose bed, just to the rear of the pump compartment. A new feature was the portable "Multiversal" deluge gun, mounted over the rear portion of the cab. This was in place of the permanent deckpipes on previous FDNY pumpers. It carried FDNY registration number 1036, which was its actual Mack serial number in the C85F series. This was standard numbering procedure in that era. It remained at Engine 305 until January 11, 1964. It was then re-assigned to Engine 158 on Staten Island, on February 5, 1964, as the first piece of that then two piece company. It became the second piece (hose wagon) of Engine 158 on November 11, 1971 and remained as such until January 26, 1973, when it became a spare pumper. It was disposed of on June 11, 1973. After disposal, it was purchased and maintained by a series of individuals and groups. Currently owned by a retired FDNY fire alarm dispatcher, it is a favorite at local parades and fire service musters.


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