Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071)

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Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071)
Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071)
Item# 12208-0071-M
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Product Description

Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071)

This is Item #12208-0071

FDNY (Split from Centennial Pack) Seagrave Pumpers E71

Scale: 1/64
Release: November 1999
Edition Quantity: 5,000


Every fire company in the City has a nickname, Engine 71 is known as the 'War Wagon'. Back in 1967 Engine 71 had returned from a run and was backing into quarters when someone noticed an arrow sticking out of the booster line. The movie 'The War Wagon' staring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas was playing at the time. This was the beginning of the 'The War Years' in the South Bronx when everything was burning and the name 'War Wagon' stuck to Engine 71.

Engine 71 was placed in service on August 1, 1899, along with engine 70 on City Island During the past 100 years over 400 members have passed through the doors of engine 71. All of them have performed beyond the call of duty. Engine 71 has been serving the citizens of the South Bronx and Melrose with dedication. No matter what the call, a fire, broken leg or just helping a little child with a flat tire on his bicycle, Engine 71 will be ready and willing for the next 100 years.

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Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071) Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071) Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Engine 71 (12208-0071)


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