Code 3 LAFD Bell 412 Helicopter (12601)

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Code 3 LAFD Bell 412 Helicopter (12601)
Code 3 LAFD Bell 412 Helicopter (12601)
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Code 3 LAFD Bell 412 Helicopter (12601)
Code 3 LAFD Bell 412 Helicopter (12601)

This is Item #12601

Scale: 1/64
Release: May 2001
Edition Quantity: 5,004

The Los Angeles City Fire Department's Air Operations unit has been there to help in emergencies since 1962. The unit began with one piston engine Bell 47 and has grown to a fleet of six jet turbine powered helicopters. All of the ships in the fleet are manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron.

The newest ships in the fleet are our two Bell 412's. They are a twin engine helicopter whose primary mission is air ambulance, hoist and water dropping. The twin engines give an added margin of safety during extended hovering operations such as hoist rescues.

The most important assets of the unit are the pilots, helitac crew members and mechanics.

The pilots at Air Operations undergo a rigorous screening and training regimen before they are certified to fly for the Fire Department. The initial training consists of 200 hours of instruction in basic operations, mountain terrain, heavy load operations, confined space landing and aircraft emergencies.

The helitac crews are stationed at Fire Station 90 across the Van Nuys airport from the Air Operations facility. The helitac crews consist of Captains, Engineers, Apparatus Operators and Firefighters, all trained in helitac duties.

Maintenance of the Department helicopters is performed by Department of General Services mechanics. Many of the mechanics have military background and extensive training and experience as civilian mechanics. Their hard work and attention to detail makes the LAFD fleet the best maintained anywhere in the country.


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