Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664)

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Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664)
Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664)
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Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664)
Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664)

This Truck comes in numbers 3, 39, and 88.

This is Item #12664

Scale: 1/64
Release: February 1999
Edition Quantity: 3,000 (each)


Fire Station 3 is one of the originals founding Fire Stations in the City of Los Angeles. The origins date back to 1883, when the first fire station 3 opened its doors. Back then it was called 'The Morris Vineyard Hose Company 3'. The company was manned by a group of volunteers that worked for the Morris Brothers vineyard located just south of Downtown Los Angeles.

In 1886 the L.A.F.D. is born, it replaced the old volunteer department, The Morris Vineyard Hose Company 3, and so a new era begins.

In 1897 the Babcock Hook & Ladder Company B is formed. It is the forerunner to Truck 3.

Fire Station 3 has always been at the forefront of activities of the fire department. The station has been home to many important segments of the department. The station has been Fire Department Headquarters, Division Headquarters, Battalion Headquarters, and Headquarters to the Fire Prevention Bureau. The station has been the site of many historical events that have changed the course of the city and that of the Department.

The Station is rich with history, it is filled with pride, and it is loaded with glory. However, the station has suffered many tragedies. To date, four firefighters have lost their lives in the line of duty from this station. Fortunately, their legacy lives on. Untold numbers of lives have been saved in their honor.

Fire Station 3 is a Task Force Station. It houses Truck 3, Engine 3, Engine 203, Paramedic Ambulance 3, Rescue Ambulance 3, and it serves as home to Division 1 Headquarters. Truck 3 is a 1995 Simon LTI 100' Aerial Ladder Truck. Engine 3 & Engine 203 are 1984 Seagrave Triples.

Fire Station 3's First in District is a high value, high profile, and high incident area of the city. Located within the boundaries of Fire Station 3 are some of the West Coasts tallest buildings, as well as many state, federal and local government buildings, historical landmarks, large financial and corporate facilities, major tourist areas, large residential complexes, as well as major travel routes and thoroughfares.

Fire Station 3 is regarded as one of the finest fire stations in the city. It is known for its pride, teamwork, determination, and its concern for the safety of the community. There is a high degree of respect for its past, and that will ensure its future forever.

1886 The Jacob Kuhrts Engine Company 3 is established

1897 The Babcock Hook & Ladder Company B is established.

1905 The Babcock Hook & Ladder company Becomes Truck 3

1965 Heavy Duty Task Force 3 is Established

1977 Heavy Duty Task Force 3 Becomes Task Force 3

1998 The Legacy continues

1887 This year challenges the Department with some of the City's worst fires, and the Centuries worst fires. Fire Station 3 is right in the middle of it all.

The Jacob Kuhrts Engine responds to its first fire.

Rioting breaks out, 25 buildings destroyed

Railroad depot fire is City's worst fire to date. During the fire the Fire Chief gets into a fight with Police.

Belmont Hotel, the City's finest resort is destroyed.

The City's elite horse stables burns down.

Furniture warehouse fire, one fireman is nearly killed when he falls through the roof.

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Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664) Code 3 Los Angeles LTI TDA Ladder (12664)


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