Code 3 NYPD International/Saulsbury ESV (12552)

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Code 3 NYPD International/Saulsbury ESV (12552)
Code 3 NYPD International/Saulsbury ESV (12552)
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Product Description

Code 3 NYPD International/Saulsbury ESV (12552)
This is Item #12552

Scale: 1/64
Release: September 2003
Edition Quantity: 5,004

Code 3 Collectibles is Back in the Police Business

The new and improved 1/64 scale police replicas are debuting with the NYPD ESU's

This highly detailed 1/64 scale die cast replica is a stunning miniature of the NYPD Emergency Support Vehicle (ESV) unit. This model is complete with a movable light tower, rescue lifeboat, amovable crane and realistic light lenses. Collect as a set with 12550 NYPD Heavy Rescue and 12551 NYPD REP Units.

When a citizen needs help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call ESU.

The Emergency Service Unit (ESU) of the NYPD is an elite team of 450 men and women, on call day and night. Unique in this country, they are a combined rescue and SWAT team. These urban cowboys can do it all - from rescuing people from car and subway accidents or talking down suicidal jumpers from bridges, to SWAT-style raids on gun-totting drug dealers. Their ten-ton rescue trucks carry the tools for all forms of urban rescue and tactics, and they have skills to match - they are all trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and are qualified in high angle rope rescue, scuba, and a variety of heavy weapons. For saving the emotionally disturbed and suicidal from themselves, they have a range of tactics and non-lethal weapons to get these people the help that they need. Thousands of times a year, whatever the emergency, the men and women of ESU respond with speed, sophisticated equipment, and experience.
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Code 3 NYPD International/Saulsbury ESV (12552) Code 3 NYPD International/Saulsbury ESV (12552)


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