Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170)

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Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170)
Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170)
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Product Description

Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170)
Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170)

Scale: 1/64
Release: November 2000
Edition Quantity: 3,000

The Ontario International Airport Safety Division was formed in 1971 to serve the fire protection and law enforcement needs of a growing airport. Ontario airport is one of four airports owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles Department of Airports.

The Ontario Airport safety division is a dual function organization with all personnel fully trained and certified in both fire and police duties. The department consists of 1 fire officer, 1 police commander, 7 fire captains, 7 police sergeants, and 49 safety officers with the average age less then 35 years. The fire service division operates on a three-platoon system with 14 safety officers and 2 captains assigned to each. Manning has been approved for an increase to 20 safety officers per shift.

The department's equipment inventory includes:

(2) Oshkosh T-3000s
(1) Oshkosh T-1500
(1) E-One HPR Titan 3000 with a C-50 snozzle
(1) Fire Attacker Hum-V dual agent unit
(1) 1000 gallon foam trailer
(1) Breathing/ Light support trailer
(1) 30' Multi-casualty trailer
(1) 8000 gallon water tender
(1) Multi-casualty decontamination unit.

During an Alert, 2 stand-by the department responds with 4 pieces of crash apparatus, 1 squad and the multi-casualty unit each manned with a minimum of 2 personnel. During a Alert 3 standby or a reported fire involving an aircraft the City of Ontario Fire Department responds automatic mutual aid with 1 Battalion Chief, 4 Medic engines, and 1 truck company.

Ontario Airport safety officers are all EMT certified and respond to all request for medical aid within the terminals or on board aircraft and traffic collision on or around the airport roadways with Ontario City Fire responding for ALS assistance if needed. The Airport Safety Division also has officers trained in Haz-mat (technician and specialists), Swift water rescue, High and low angle rescue and Confined space rescue.
Airport fire units respond mutual aid to the surrounding cities and county and have provided coverage for heli-tac operations during fires in the local mountains.

When assigned to police duties the officers work both in the terminal buildings on foot and in patrol units. Duties include responding to security screening calls, responding to calls for assistance to include burglaries, robberies, auto thefts, traffic accidents, airfield security breeched, crimes aboard aircraft, and traffic control. Officers are also assigned to the airport narcotics taskforce. The Airport Safety Division also works closely within the City of Ontario when requested. With a young and progressive department, diversified in many areas, the Ontario International Airport safety Division is able to give the
traveling public and local communities surrounding the airport a service level unmatched by many other U.S. airports.

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Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170) Code 3 Ontario E-One Titan Crash Truck (12170)


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