Code 3 Orlando Sutphen Pumper 2 (12290)

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Code 3 Orlando Sutphen Pumper 2 (12290)
Code 3 Orlando Sutphen Pumper 2 (12290)
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Product Description

Code 3 Orlando Sutphen Pumper 2 (12290)
This is Item #12290

Scale: 1/64
Release: July 2001
Edition Quantity: 5,004

Fire Station #2, 'The Pride of Parramore', located in the heart of downtown Orlando, has been recognized over the years as one the busiest fire houses in the United States, with over 11,750 responses in 1999. The station is home to Engine-2, Tower-2, and Rescue-2. The station is manned with 9 personnel per shift: four assigned to the Tower, three to the Engine, and two to the Rescue. Station #2 is also home to the department's Self Contained Breathing Apparatus section. Tower 2 crews have been certified and are responsible for the maintenance, repair, upgrading and testing (including personnel fit testing) of all self-contained breathing apparatus and related equipment. OFD's SCBA section is only one of a few in-house fire service repair shops certified by Scott Health and Safety. In addition to the engine, tower, and rescue, Station #2 also houses Air-2, a mobile air station, delivering and refilling SCBA bottles at incidents and other firehouses. The fast action and pace at Station #2 usually translates into busy days and sleepless nights, but the personnel take pride at being the busiest station in the city of Orlando!
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Code 3 Orlando Sutphen Pumper 2 (12290) Code 3 Orlando Sutphen Pumper 2 (12290)


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