Code 3 Pierce Heavy Rescue 1 - Saddle Brook (12711-0001)

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Code 3 Pierce Heavy Rescue 1 - Saddle Brook (12711-0001)
Code 3 Pierce Heavy Rescue 1 - Saddle Brook (12711-0001)
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Code 3 Pierce Heavy Rescue 1 - Saddle Brook (12711-0001)
Code 3 Pierce Heavy Rescue 1 - Saddle Brook (12711-0001)

This is Item #12711-0001

Scale: 1/64
Release: July 1999
Edition Quantity: 3,000

Saddle Brook, New Jersey is located 10 miles outside of New York City. The Township of Saddle Brook is 2.0 square miles in area and is made up of mostly single and two family homes, medium industry and retail stores. Major highways that cut through the Township of Saddle Brook are Interstate 80, Garden State Parkway and State Hwy. 46.

The Township of Saddle Brook was formerly known as Saddle River Township until the name change in the Post years of World War II.

In 1911 a large fire damaged a home in Rochelle Park, neighbor to Saddle Brook (then called Saddle River Township). The two communities had a combined population of 1,000 and there was no regular firefighting organization except for bucket brigades. But after the fire, 56 men from Rochelle park and Saddle River Township incorporated into what was then known as Rochelle Park Hook and Ladder Hose Company. They met in a large red barn located at the corner of Saddle River Road and Market Street. The unit's first president was H.C. Wentworth.

The company's initial equipment consisted of a hand-drawn Hook and Ladder and 24 leather buckets. In 1914, the horse-drawn vehicle was motorized. In the beginning it didn't relieve them of any problems.

'The first motor exploded in the fire house, with many parts going through the roof. The department achieved numerous milestones during the 1920's. Early in the decade, the original fire unit moved to its current building on Saddle River Road and Cambridge Avenue and became designated as Engine Co. 1. Meanwhile, Engine Co. 2 was formed and its headquarters erected at Third Street, its present site. Hook and Ladder Co. 1, located on Market Street, wasn't formed until 1943.

In 1957 the members of Engine Co. 1 saw a need for a Rescue Truck, so on their own, ran raffles and fundraisers to purchase a Rescue Truck. With monies raised from raffles, fundraisers, donations from various business and organizations, a 1958 Chevrolet Truck with Adam Black Utility Body was purchased.

After the truck was purchased and delivered it was then sold back to the Township of Saddle Brook for $1.00, as years passed this truck became out dated. In 1976 a new Ford Hamerly Rescue Truck was purchased and the first Jaws of Life was part of the equipment on the truck. In 1995 our present Pierce Heavy Rescue was purchased.

The Saddle Brook Fire Department now operates out of three Fire Stations, operating 4 engines, 1 Snorkel and 1 Heavy Rescue.


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