Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703)

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Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703)
Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703)
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Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703)
Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703)

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Scale: 1/64
Release: September 1998
Edition Quantity: 25,000

Rescue 1 was organized as the first rescue company in New York City on January 18th, 1915, and after intensive training to handle unusual conditions in firefighting. This elite unit was placed into service sharing the quarters of Engine 33 at 42 Great Jones Street, Manhattan on March 6th, 1915. Today, they are located in the former quarters of Engine 2 at 530 West 43rd Street.

On January 23rd, 1985, one of the most spectacular fires to occur in New York City took place adjacent to Rescue 1's quarters. This fire resulted in the collapse of the fire building into the quarters of Rescue 1. The end result was that their quarters was destroyed. On April 29th, 1989 a new firehouse on the same grounds opened. This firehouse was designed by the members of Rescue 1 and built specifically for a rescue company. The unique front apparatus door was saved and relocated to rear wall of the new firehouse. Anyone touring the neighborhood should make this a stop to see this firehouse.

Rescue 1 is a 1996 HME/Saulsbury and is equipped with a mounted 32ft. telescoping light tower, a 15 KW Electrical generator and a ten ton winch and a A frame hoist. They also carry other specialized rescue and scuba equipment. Each member of Rescue 1 have spent hours of specialized training in Rescue Operations. Rescue 1 along with Rescue's 2 and 5 are the Scuba rescue's. They respond not only to working fires but also to any type of water rescue operation.

There are five rescue companies located one in each borough of New York City and these elite units are trained and professional members of F.D.N.Y.

There is one captain and four Lieutenant's who supervise thirty firefighters that are assigned to Rescue 1.
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Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703) Code 3 FDNY Saulsbury Heavy Rescue 1 (12703)


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