CODE 3 FDNY Saulsbury Hazmat Unit (12705)

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CODE 3 FDNY Saulsbury Hazmat Unit (12705)
CODE 3 FDNY Saulsbury Hazmat Unit (12705)
Item# 12705-M
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Product Description

CODE 3 FDNY Saulsbury Hazmat Unit (12705)

This is Item #12705.

Scale: 1/64
Release: December 2003
Edition Quantity: 3,000

The history of organized fire fighting in New York began in 1648 when, during the administration of Governor Peter Stuyvesant the first fire ordinance was adopted by the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. The act provided that any funds received from fines levied for dirty chimneys would be used for the maintenance of buckets, hooks and ladders. It also established a Fire Watch of eight wardens and required that each male citizen stand watch in turn. Today the FDNY consists of over 15,939 members and is the largest fire department in the United States.


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