Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204)

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Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204)
Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204)
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Sorry, Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204) is Temporarily Sold Out

Product Description

Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204)

This is Item #13204

Scale: 1/136
Release: April 2005
Material: Resin
Edition Quantity: 3,000

5th in the Series The John J. Harvey is our 5th in a series of beautifully-done fireboats from around the nation. The John J. Harvey is created in impeccable detail, from its name plate to the intricate detailing on the deck like the railing, smoke stacks, water cannons, and lifeboats.

A Proud History In 1931 much was added to the New York scene, including John J. Harvey. She is in good company and shares a birthday with notable contemporaries like the Empire State Building and George Washington Bridge. To this day, she is the harbor's fastest and biggest fireboat and remains the senior in longevity.

Built in 1931, MV John J. Harvey, measures in at 130 ft. long, with a 28' beam and a 9' draft, and weighs 268 net tons. She is of steel construction with a riveted hull. Propulsion is by twin screws six feet in diameter. She is among the most powerful fireboats ever in service. She has five 600 HP diesel engines, and has the capacity to pump 18,000 gallons of water a minute. Her pumps are powerful -- enough so that when she and the George Washington Bridge were both brand new, she shot water over the bridge's roadway. She was retired by the New York City Fire Department in 1994 and bought at auction by her current owners in 1999. She was placed on The National Register of Historic Places in June 2000.

She is currently located at Pier 63 Maritime, North River (as the lower Hudson is properly called), West 23rd Street (specifically, 40.74993 degrees North 74.00953 degrees West). This historic ship pier is home to Frying Pan (a National-Register listed light ship), Bertha, an English tug now undergoing restoration, and a variety of small human-powered boating activities. In fact, the pier itself is really a historic Lackawanna railway barge. There is also a wonderful grill with a bar in season.

In the 1920's, the New York City Fire Department's fleet of 10 steam fireboats was aging, and it was decided to construct a new fireboat with internal combustion power. Basic plans were prepared in 1928. Contracts were drawn up and construction started in 1930 by Todd Shipbuilding's Plant at the foot of 23rd Street on Brooklyn's Gowanus Bay. Launching took place on October 6, 1931 with the boat completed and placed in commission on December 17, 1931.

She was the largest, and most powerful fireboat in the world when built. More importantly, she was the model of modern fireboat engineering, and set the pattern for all subsequent fireboats to follow. Dimensions: 12"L

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Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204) Code 3 FDNY John J. Harvey Fireboat (13204)


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