Code 3 FDNY Mack CF Pumper 271 Red (12355-0271)

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Code 3 FDNY Mack CF Pumper 271 Red (12355-0271)
Code 3 FDNY Mack CF Pumper 271 Red (12355-0271)
Item# 12355-0271
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Code 3 FDNY Mack CF Pumper 271 Red (12355-0271)
This is Item #12355-0271

Scale: 1/64
Release Date: July 2001
Quantity: 3,000

You will receive only the 271 Truck

Mack Model CF Fire Apparatus in the FDNY
by Jack Lerch

The New York City Fire Department placed its first Mack motorized fire apparatus in service in 1912 with a large order for various types of hose wagons. In the years that followed, many more Macks would follow including pumpers, hose wagons, aerial ladder trucks, city service ladder trucks, towerladders, rescues, wreckers, fuel trucks, water tower tractor, searchlight, foam tender, hazardous materials units, mask service unit, field communications unit, aerial and special unit tractors and, of course the superpumper, superpumper tender and satellites.

FDNY was, by far, the largest user of CF Macks in the country. The first of the now classic CF model entered service in 1968 with an order of twenty 1000 gpm pumpers, the only ones to sport the unusual 'covered wagon' style of rounded herculite hose bed cover. Other CF pumper deliveries followed with thirty-five in 1969 and eighty in 1970. The ones for those three years had two door cabs. Two of the 1970 models were delivered with 54 foot articulated Squrt booms. One of these was retrofitted a few years later with a 50 foot telescoping Tele-Squrt boom.

The next orders of CF pumpers were all delivered with four door cabs. These totalled forty in 1971, forty-six in 1972, thirty-one in 1975, forty in 1978, eighty in 1979, ten in 1981, and six in 1983. The ten 1981 models were originally painted lime yellow, however three of these were later repainted in the now standard white over red scheme. All of these had 1000 gpm pumps, except for six of the 1979 model which had the larger 2000 gpm pump, the first of this size in FDNY service. The six 1983 models were delivered with special high-pressure 1000 gpm pumps and all assigned to engine companies in midtown and downtown Manhattan due to the many high-rise buildings. These 1983s were the last FDNY pumpers to be painted entirely red and also the last to be 'all Mack' with the chassis and bodies from the same company.

The later Mack CF pumpers all had bodies built by the Ward 79 company and were all painted white over red. These included twenty-five in 1984, twenty-five in 1985, twelve in 1986, twenty in 1987, twenty in 1988 and twenty-five in 1989. Two each of the 1987, 1988 and 1989 models had 2000 gpm pumps and replaced the older 1979 2000 gpm pumpers. The 1989s were the last Mack pumpers in the FDNY fleet, with all serving well for many years. On March 16th, 2001, Engine Company 164 received a re-assigned 1998 Seagrave pumper from Squad Company 18. This replaced their 1989 Mack/Ward 79, which was the last Mack CF pumper in first line service. Many still serve as spares or reserves, with several others being retrofitted as foam units.

In addition to the CF pumpers, FDNY had purchased 172 CF model towerladders, starting in 1971 and continuing until 1991. Seventeen were 95 footers, the rest 75. All had Baker booms, with several still in first line service. Two model CF 100 foot rearmount aerials were delivered in 1982 and were sold a few years back. Two model CF Satellite hose wagons, with Ward 79 bodies, were purchased in 1983. One has since been retrofitted with an enclosed body and is now the Decontamination Support Unit, the other with a similar enclosed body serves as the Utility Support (dewatering) Unit.

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Code 3 FDNY Mack CF Pumper 271 Red (12355-0271)


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