Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Rear Mount L-27 (12853)

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Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Rear Mount L-27 (12853)
Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Rear Mount L-27 (12853)
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Code 3 FDNY Seagrave Rear Mount L-27 (12853)
This is Item # 12853.

Scale: 1/64 Release: November 2003 Edition Quantity: 3,000

Ladder 27 was organized on June 1, 1904, at the quarters of Combination Engine Company 46, at 451-453 East 176th Street, Bronx NY. Ladder 27 replaced the ladder truck that had been previously assigned to 46. Engine 46 became a regular engine company on that date. Ladder 27 became a double ladder company on February 7, 1970, with two aerials and separate officers and firefighters for each. On November 6, 1972, the second section was used to organize Ladder 58 at a nearby location. Ladder 27 has been at the present location, 460 Cross Bronx Expressway, since 1972, where they share quarters with Engine 46. Their first alarm territory consists mainly of old tenements, high-rise housing projects and many retail stores. Since inception, they have had 15 individual medal winners and 26 unit citations. In 2002, Ladder 27 responded to 2795 alarms, of which 2182 were workers. Their new apparatus is a 2002 Seagrave 100 foot rear mount aerial, carrying FDNY registration number SL02005.


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