Code 3 LAFD Pierce Dash SM Pumper (12892)

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Code 3 LAFD Pierce Dash SM Pumper (12892)
Code 3 LAFD Pierce Dash SM Pumper (12892)
Item# 12892-M
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Product Description

Code 3 LAFD Pierce Dash SM Pumper (12892)
Code 3 LAFD Pierce Dash SM Pumper (12892)

This truck comes in numbers 33, and 88.

Scale: 1/64
Release: August 2001
Edition Quantity: 2,508 (each)

The LAFD has 103 fire stations spread throughout the City of Los Angeles. Of these, 51 are single engine houses while the remainder are Task Force houses. A single engine house normally has a single engine company while a Task force house has a truck company and 2 engines assigned. Paramedic and E.M.T. ambulances, Battalion Chiefs, Division Chiefs, and special apparatus are also assigned to the various stations.

From its beginnings as a small pueblo, the City of Los Angeles has seen its Fire Department meet and overcome many diverse challenges in its service to the citizens. In the 1990's, the Los Angeles City Fire Department faced shrinking resources and at the same time resolved the challenges of the Floods and Civil Unrest of 1992 and the Firestorms and Earthquakes of 1993 and 1994. The Fire Department continually works towards the expansion of quality services to the residents of Los Angeles. It is this goal which has made the LAFD one of the most outstanding departments in the world.


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