Code 3 Mason, OH Pierce Quantum Ladder (12777)

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Code 3 Mason, OH Pierce Quantum Ladder (12777)
Code 3 Mason, OH Pierce Quantum Ladder (12777)
Item# 12777-M
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Product Description

Code 3 Mason, OH Pierce Quantum Ladder (12777)

This is Item # 12777

Scale: 1/64
Release: March 2001
Edition Quantity: 5,004


Quint 51 features a Cummins motor and an Allison World Transmission with a 2000 gpm waterous pump, 500 gallon water tank, 30 gallon class A-foam system. The lighting and electric system is powered by a 15 K.W. generator.

Quint 51 has numerous firefighting preconnects as follows:

1-100' ProPak/Class B foam bumper line.
1-300' 2' Cross-lay.
1-300' 2.5' Rear line.
1-1000' 3' rear line connected to a tailboard
mounted portable ground monitor.
1-1200 GPM ladder pipe, which is radio remote controlled
1-1200 GPM electric controlled deck monitor @ pump panel w/18' Extend Gun.


Hand held thermal imager cameras with signal transmitters to the TV-VCR in the cab of the unit!
Full ALS/paramedic equipped.
The aerial ladder is controlled at the pump panel or at the rear tailboard radio remote control with a 500' range!
2-1500 watt quartz lights on the ladder tip.
3-1500 watt quartz Lights on each side.
1-1500 watt quartz Light on rear.
Cab fully air conditioned with foot level winter heaters.
Seating for 6 firemen with all seats LABELED with 'riding assignments'.
A full compliment of ground ladders on a 'double strength' hydraulic ladder rack.
The Jaws of Life, numerous tools as well as chain saws, circular Saws, sump pumps (for flooded basements) spare nozzles and salvage covers.

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Code 3 Mason, OH Pierce Quantum Ladder (12777) Code 3 Mason, OH Pierce Quantum Ladder (12777)


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