Code 3 Plano, TX ALF Eagle Pumper 180 (12134)

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Code 3 Plano, TX ALF Eagle Pumper 180 (12134)
Code 3 Plano, TX ALF Eagle Pumper 180 (12134)
Item# 12134-M
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Product Description

Code 3 Plano, TX ALF Eagle Pumper 180 (12134)
Code 3 Plano, TX ALF Eagle Pumper 180 (12134)

This is Item #12134

Scale: 1/64
Release: February 2003
Edition Quantity: 3,000
Dimensions: 6L X 2W X 2H inches


This model features a unique color scheme that in the past has only been seen on European fire apparatus. The tooling revisions on this model include a covered hose bed.

Engine 180 has been in service & running out of Station 10 since June 25, 1999. The actual fire engine was in service before this date but running out of another station until Station 10 was ready. E180 actually went into service on Monday, April 26, 1999.

During the fiscal year 2001-2002 Engine 180 responded to a total of 884 emergency calls, the majority being EMS calls.

Station 10, located at 3540 McDermott Road, is an 8,304 square foot facility built in 1999. The Plano Fire Department officially dedicated the station on June 17, 1999. It has two apparatus bays and can accommodate up to 8 personnel. The station currently houses a paramedic engine company.

Fire Station 10 was designed by Phillips Swager Associates and built at a cost of $1,200,000. It is located in a predominantly residential area but actually sits on the northwest corner of a city-owned park, the 185-acre Russell Creek Park.

Plano Fire Department Mission Statement To protect and enhance the quality of life in Plano through a comprehensive program of services directed toward public education, prevention, and control in the areas of fire, rescue, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and disasters.

Plano Fire Department Values As members of the Plano Fire Department, we commit our support to the following values of our Department: Quality Service, Ethics/Integrity, Safety, Excellence, Commitment, Respect, Empowerment, Loyalty, Dependability and Teamwork.
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Code 3 Plano, TX ALF Eagle Pumper 180 (12134)


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