Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659)

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Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659)
Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659)
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Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659)
This trucks comes in Numbers 6, 16, and 17.

Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659)

Scale: 1/64
Release: February 1998
Edition Quantity: 5,000 (each)

The District of Columbia Fire Department became a paid fire department on September 23, 1871. It was first commanded by Chief Engineer Martin Cronin. The department had an assistant chief engineer and fifty-nine officers and men, assigned to six companies, five engine companies and a hook-and-ladder company.

Today, known as the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Services Department, there are a total of 1,970 full time employees. The team includes 1,260 in Suppression, 375 EMS, 335 Communications and a Fire Prevention staff, commanded by Fire Chief Donald Edwards. The Department operates 32 engine companies, 16 truck companies, 3 heavy-duty rescue squads, 2 fireboats, 2 Foam units, a Hazardous Materials unit, and miscellaneous support vehicles. Serving a population of 540,000 residents, with a influx of 1 million tourists plus daily, and an area of 69 square miles, the Department is also responsible for staffing a fleet of emergency ambulances and advance life support units. In 1996, the total number of fire and EMS responses was 175,829.
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Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659) Code 3 TDA Ladder - Washington DC (12659)


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