Code 3 Washington DC LTI TDA (12672)

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Code 3 Washington DC LTI TDA (12672)
Code 3 Washington DC LTI TDA (12672)
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Product Description

Code 3 Washington DC LTI TDA (12672)
Scale: 1/64
Release: October 2001
Edition Quantity: 3,000

The District of Columbia Fire Department became a paid fire department on September 23, 1871 and was commanded by Chief Engineer Martin Cronin. The department had an assistant chief engineer and fifty nine officers and men who were assigned to six companies, five engine companies, and a hook and ladder company.

Today, known as the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, commanded by Fire/EMS Chief Ronnie Few, there are a total of 1,920 full time employees, which include 1,367 in suppression, 391 EMS, and 79 communications workers.

The department operates 33 engine companies, 16 truck companies, 3 heavy-duty rescue squads, 2 fireboats, 1 hazardous materials unit, 2 foam units and miscellaneous support vehicles. Serving a population of 550,000 residents and 1.5 million tourists and commuters within 69 square miles. The department is also responsible for staffing a fleet of emergency ambulances and advanced life support units. In the year 2000, the total number of Fire calls was 43,596, and EMS calls 102,546.
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Code 3 Washington DC LTI TDA (12672) Code 3 Washington DC LTI TDA (12672)


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